Chaseholm Farm :: Home of The Amazing Real Live Food Company
  •  Here's one of our Aristinal Cheese Offerings; a Raw Milk, Alpine Style.  
                One of many Handcrafted Cheeses we produce. 
                The Chaseholm Farm Creamery is only one of a handful of Cow's Milk Cheese Makers in New York whose practice employs milk produced on their own farm. Def: Farmstead.
  • Siblings, Rory and Sarah Chase with the spring pastures just greening on the multi-generational family farm.  Sarah 'Chase'
 Chase is herdswoman and farm manager, and brother Rory Chase makes cheese at the Creamery.
  • A darling newborn Brown Swiss. Sarah 'Chase' is now using 'nurse' cows on Chaseholm to chaperone and feed the youngest in the herd....  Milk on demand!  ...and what mother could resist... just too cute.
  • Here is Rory in the Haymow..... contemplating a descent.  This is one of many hay mows on the farm built in the 18th Century.  The elegant, mortise and tennon, timber-frame construction has survived 100's of years and not a nail to bind it.

Farmstead Cheese

Hello and Welcome to the Chaseholm Farm Creamery; makers of small batch, artisanal cheese. The  Creamery is located on the multi-generational Chaseholm Farm, just outside of Pine Plains, NY. The Creamery was founded in 2007 when Rory Chase returned home to the farm and started making cheese. Retrofitting a barn his grandfather built in the early 30s to serve as Cheesemaking Plant and Aging Cave. The Creamery is one of only a handful of Farmstead outfits producing cow’s milk cheese from their farm’s own herd, in the state of New York. Chaseholm crafts a number of different styles of cheese, most out of the French Tradition…….

including the extra creamy, extra eponymous, ‘Chaseholm Camembert’.

….as well as, a soft ripened cousin to Camembert, the Chaource style ‘Moonlight’; hand shaped into logs, rolled in sea salt and vegetable ash, just shy of a double cream.

…the Creamery also produces a set of soft, ‘boursin’ style ‘Herbed Farmers Cheese’ in several flavors, including Basil and Garlic, Dill, Horseradish, and just plain Sea Salt.